Lược cắt tóc YS 338

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Hoặc ≈ 146.667₫ x 3 kỳ với Fundiin Tìm hiểu(?)

This is the comb to pick when you want less tension on the hair but still want to create a precise haircut. The wider spaced teeth allow for super quick combing resulting in a very natural and loose finish, just like running your fingers through the hair. The added grip makes it hard to drop!


  • Shortened first tooth for separating hair easily and quickly.
  • Round teeth to mimic human fingers which minimises damage and keeps even tension at all angles.
  • 2 different teeth spacing - fine and wide
  • Features an unique grip handle to enhance natural grip whilst using the comb
  • Made from imido plastic, which is up to 220°C heat resistant, chemical resistant and has a strong yet flexible body.
  • Built in measuring system through the holes - spaced 1cm apart
  • Length: 185mm

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